Head Coach

Our Head Coach Stephen is a “lifetime athlete” although he has concentrated on endurance sports since 2010.  He is also a “grass-fed” athlete and began his 11th year as a vegetarian (4th year as a vegan) in January 2017, proving that animal protein is unnecessary. 🙂

Stephen will not only help you reach your fitness-related goals, he will be training and racing alongside you, at least virtually! 🙂

Stephen is an “IRONMAN Certified Coach” and thus has the academic knowledge to help you. As noted above, he is a long-course triathlete himself and has for example completed nine Ironman-distance triathlons, eight half-Ironman distance triathlons and numerous ultra marathons in the past six years.

If you click on the image below, an interactive display will be opened so you can have a closer look at his training and racing achievements.

Stephen’s Race Database. Click to open interactive system online.