And now you know why I’m such a yoga fan…

Yes, at my old club, the Canyon Lake Triathlon Club in California, I was fondly referred to as either the “Cookie Monster” or “Speedy Gonzalez”.  In my new club, Aegir3 AKA the Reykjavík Triathlon Club, I’m now referred to as “The Zen Master” because I’m such a proponent of practicing yoga.  At every race, you’ll find me on the sideline meditating before starting the swim.

It seems as I’m not the only endurance athlete that believes in the benefits of yoga.  Please click here to read an interesting article on yoga from our friends at Ironman.  I’m not sure about practicing yoga during a race but what the heck!

Big week for the team!

This is the biggest week yet this year for Team Endurance:

  • Our newest and youngest member of the team Melkorka Ýr finished her first triathlon;
  • Karitas will run her first marathon next Sunday, in Copenhagen Denmark; and last but not least,
  • Maria will participate in Tri Rock San Diego, an Olympic distance triathlon to help prepare her for her second Ironman, the Ironman Vineman in Northern California.

Vegetarian diet…

I agree with many of the points in this article and even go one step further i.e. a vegan diet also doesn’t negatively impact racing long-course triathlons.  In my view, it even helps!

As of today, I have completed four Ironman distance triathlons as a vegetarian and three as a vegan.   My Ironman PR was earned as a vegan in 2014.  🙂

Click here for the article.